EHS signs MoU with Fatima College of Health Sciences to help develop skills among healthcare staff & sponsor students

EHS signs MoU with Fatima College of Health Sciences to help develop skills among healthcare staff & sponsor students

The Emirates Health Services (EHS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fatima College of Health Sciences, an affiliate of the Institute of Applied Technology specialising in higher education and scientific research, to support both entities’ objectives to develop skills and knowledge among healthcare professionals in the UAE and support scientific research in the healthcare sector.

The MoU was signed by EHS Director-General, Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al-Serkal, and Dr. Ahmed Abdel Manan Al Awar, Director-General of the Institute of Applied Technology, in the presence of EHS officials and directors, as well as faculty members and administrative staff from Fatima College of Health Sciences.

The agreement outlines several areas of cooperation to promote community health by supporting the provision of education and training, achieving strategic goals to develop knowledge and skills among health professionals, and promoting scientific research in the health sector in accordance with the highest international standards.

"The MoU we have signed with Fatima College of Health Sciences enhances areas of cooperation between the two parties, allowing us to benefit from each other’s expertise and resources to support skill development among healthcare professionals across all medical disciplines and various health sciences. This is in line with our objectives and strategies of the EHS,"

Dr. Al-Serkal asserted.

Dr. Al Awar said,

"Signing this MoU with Emirates Health Services – one of the leading health institutions in the UAE – will allow the exchange of experiences and work alongside healthcare professionals to build capacities and increase competencies in this vital sector, in addition to localising health professions in the country."

The MoU calls for strengthening cooperation between the two parties in various fields related to education, training, development of research and medical studies, and the exchange of expertise, experiences, and international best practices in the field. It additionally includes organising programmes and workshops, in addition to developing skills in such areas as clinical education, evidence-based medicine, biostatistics, research methods and ethics, and healthcare work.

The MoU also aims to train students in faculties of medicine and health sciences, among others, in addition to upskilling and empowering EHS employees.

By signing the agreement, the two entities agree to support plans and programmes to sponsor, attract, and appoint Emirati students. The two will collaborate to enable a number of high school graduates to secure nursing scholarships and join the Masaar Programme, in addition to training students to work in EHS-affiliated health facilities, and sponsoring EHS employees to enrol at Fatima College of Health Sciences and earn academic certificates. Furthermore, the MoU sets the stage for joint coordination to announce grants and scholarships provided by EHS.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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