Steps to get an E-scooter permit in Dubai

Steps to get an E-scooter permit in Dubai

What is an E-scooter?

E-scooters have gained popularity in the UAE in the last 2 years. It is a type of personal portable, lightweight electric vehicle (PLEV) that provides fast, convenient, and short-range mobility. The maximum speed of an E-scooter is around 20km/h. It emits zero emission which is why it is one of the most sustainable modes of transport. It has two-wheels and users can ride them while standing.

Where is it available in Dubai?

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has made E-scooters available in 10 areas of Dubai: Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Internet City, 2nd of December Street, Al-Raqqa, JLT, City Walk, Palm Jumeirah, and some areas in - Al Karama, Al Mankhool, and Al Qusais. Almost 2,000 E-scooters are available for rent in Dubai today. There are namely four E-scooter renting companies in Dubai - Terre, Lime, Rabbit and Skert. According to RTA, scooters supplied by these companies should be used only on the dedicated E-scooter tracks.

Laws regarding E-scooters in Dubai:

As per the resolution approved by H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, E-scooter riders who want to use the ten designated streets must have an E-scooter permit. However, if you’re riding your E-scooter on the sidewalks or cycling tracks, you do not need one. Similarly, if you have a driving licence, an international driving licence or a motorcycle licence, you can ride E-scooters on the designated streets without a permit.

How to get an E-scooter permit?

Required documents (for residents)

· A valid Emirates ID number.

· Mobile number

For visitors:

· Mobile number that is active in the UAE.

· Passport details.

Step 1: Fill out the application form

1. Visit this link to fill out the form

2. Click on ‘Apply Now’

3. It will ask you if you have an Emirates ID and present you with two options: ‘Yes, I have Emirates ID’ / ‘No, I’m a visitor’

4. If you are a resident, type in your Emirates ID number and expiry date. *

5. After filling in your Emirates ID details, fill out your mobile number. You will then receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS. Type in the OTP number within five minutes, after which it will become invalid.

6. After completing the registration for the permit, fill in in your email address and choose your preferred language: English or Arabic.

7. The application form is now complete. You will then be directed to the online theory lecture.

*If you are a visitor, the steps for the application process remain the same, except you must choose ‘visitor’ and type in your passport details and active UAE mobile number.

Step 2: Complete the online theory course

Once you have completed the application, you will be directed to the online portal, where you will need to complete the online theory lectures. The lectures contain 10 topics about technical specifications, standards of scooters, users’ obligations, and the areas where you are allowed to use the scooter. The course also educates users on traffic signs, specially signs specific to E-scooter users.

Step 3: Take the test

The theory test can be done online after you have completed the 10 online lectures. According to RTA, it will take you approximately 20 minutes to take the test. You need to score at least 75 per cent to pass the test.

Step 4: Receive the E-scooter permit

According to RTA, after passing the online theory test, you will receive an electronic permit for the E-scooter licence through the RTA website. After obtaining the permit, you must download it and save it on your phone.

How to rent E-scooters in Dubai?

Like mentioned above, there are four companies to rent an E-scooter in Dubai. Download and open any of the apps, once opened, it will automatically show you the scooter locations in your area. If you don't see any scooter icons on the map, zoom out to search in a larger area. Once found, scan the QR Code on the two-wheelers and start your ride. Once you’re done, park the scooter at your destination. And tap on the screen to stop the meter on the app, after which you can pay.

Cost of an E-scooter:

To unlock an E-scooter for rent, you must pay AED 3 plus AED 0.5 (50 fils) for every minute you use it. You can also buy E-scooters in Dubai for AED 1,700 to AED 3,000, depending on the model.

Rules you must follow:

· You should not be less than 16 years old.

· Wear a protective helmet.

· The speed limit for e-scooters in Dubai is 20 kph.

· Stop the electric scooter at the designated parking spots.

· Don’t use or leave the E-scooter in a way that obstructs the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

· Leave enough safety distance between yourself and other bikes and pedestrians.

· Don’t carry anything that causes an imbalance in the E-scooter.

· Use the scooter individually and don’t carry any other passenger.

· Adhere to the instructions, regulations, and warning signs on the tracks.

· Do not use the dual speakers while driving the electric scooter.

· Do not drive outside the lanes of the electric scooter and shared lanes.

· Wear appropriate clothes and shoes.

· Dismount the scooter while crossing the pedestrian crossings and abide by traffic and traffic laws.


Failure to follow the laws and regulations can subject you to heavy penalties. Riding an E-scooter without a licence can get you a fine of AED 200. Repeated violations within one year can lead to confiscation of your bike for a month or a temporary ban. If a biker is under 18, fines must be paid by the parents or legal guardians. You can only park the e-scooter in a designated spot. If an E-scooter hinders pedestrians or traffic, you’ll be fined AED 200.

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