Facebook's smart glasses available 'sooner than later'

Facebook's smart glasses available 'sooner than later'

The social media giant has confirmed their new eyewear, which will be made alongside Ray-Ban and in partnership with Luxottica, are set to be released very soon.

In a blog post, Andrew Bosworth, Head of Facebook Reality Labs, said:

"In 2020, we shared some of our research work on audio, AR input, and computer vision. The first glimpses of the future will arrive sooner than later as we launch our first smart glasses from Ray-Ban, in partnership with Luxottica."

Bosworth has insisted he is committed to augmented reality (AR).

He added:

"Simultaneously, we continue to build the ecosystem around these technologies. The Spark AR creator platform - only a year after opening on Instagram - has seen over 400,000 creators publish AR effects. We’ve been inspired by their creativity and will continue to expand Spark AR for expression and connection in social settings like real-time video calling, or making more informed purchases. We’re pushing hard on the underpinnings like location and augmenting in the world to help define the path to true AR glasses, while setting clear privacy expectations. It’s early days, but we’re intent on giving creators more to do in AR and with greater capabilities."

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