LG's Retrofit Solutions ensure optimal environment indoors at all times

LG's Retrofit Solutions ensure optimal environment indoors at all times

Explore LG’s Sustainable AC Solutions for Every Business

Even with the summer heat receding, air conditioning solutions remain a vital part of every facility, ensuring an optimal environment indoors despite the weather changes outdoors.

As environmental impact has become a critical business factor, business owners are increasingly on the lookout for new AC solutions that can deliver energy efficiency without compromising on comfort. Understanding the needs of today’s businesses in powerful, cost and energy efficient air conditioners, LG Electronics (LG) offers Retrofit Solutions that help achieve both comfort and sustainability with no additional effort.

Flexible Installation

LG Retrofit Solution can be used to replace old indoor and outdoor units with an optimized inverter system, reusing existing installation materials such as pipes, power lines, breakers, communications lines, and drains. This allows users to save money and installation time, as well as eliminate the need for intrusive construction, significantly reducing environmental impact. Additionally, LG Retrofit Solution enables users to replace their existing unit with a higher capacity one that is the same size as the old one and blends into any interior seamlessly.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency and Performance

Designed to deliver powerful cooling performance without consuming excessive amounts of energy, LG’s Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts the operation range once it reaches a set temperature, improving cooling comfort and delivering unmatched energy efficiency. In addition, LG’s Life Cycle Cost (L.C.C.) analysis provides an estimate of the energy savings and payback users could receive when using LG’s Retrofit Solution Inverter technology. Powerful operation, significant energy savings, low maintenance costs, quick and easy installation make LG’s Retrofit Solution the optimal choice for every business facility.

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