Dubai to host Meta Eco Forum on November 11

Dubai to host Meta Eco Forum on November 11

The metaverse event will see speakers introduce new eco technologies, touching upon sustainability, WEB3.0.

The Meta Eco Forum on November 11 will be a meeting place for environmental problems with ready-made solutions.

A Dubai company is all set to host an online ecology and sustainability forum in metaverse in November as part of the emirate’s grand plans to boost contribution of the metaverse to the economy to $4 billion by 2020.

According to Maria Ivina, founder of Satori Me company that’s organising The Meta Eco Forum on November 11, the first-of-its-kind event will be a meeting place for environmental problems with ready-made solutions.

Ivina also announced that green technologies would be highlighted at the forum, adding that a select group of 19 speakers will introduce new eco technologies to the audience, touching upon sustainability, WEB3.0, Ed Tech, Eco Art, WEB4.0, and Eco Deep Tech. The participants will also hear opinions of trendsetters and influencers in the field of eco-media.

“We want not only to discuss the problem, but also to show how we can resolve it. We will show the work's effectiveness in developing green technologies. The Forum is a platform for like-minded people with a common mission to help our planet,”

said Ivina.

“The UAE market is a great place to start. I see many people here who are genuinely interested in eco issues. Besides, there are many new green technologies, and what surprises me the most — people here never stop generating ideas on the planet's better future. I feel I'm in the right place: together we create a networking, develop ideas on preserving the planet, and inspire other people to become more conscious.”

To a question about the future of Metaverse in Dubai, she said:

“It will succeed — maybe not immediately, but for sure it will. If we look behind, we see that people don't usually like new technologies. Social media can be a bright example. Now we can't imagine our life without them, can we. The same can be said about about Metaverse.”

“Its technologies will assist in creating platforms and communities of eco-activists and people who want to become more conscious. In the future, the metaverse can become a good tool, so people will hold exhibitions, conferences and meetings in a new format. To my mind, digital art in metaverse could draw attention to environmental issues,”

she added.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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