Samsung and FRAME Collaborate to Introduce Galaxy Z Flip4 Accessories, Inspired by UAE Culture and Crafted by Local Artists

Samsung and FRAME Collaborate to Introduce Galaxy Z Flip4 Accessories, Inspired by UAE Culture and Crafted by Local Artists

Samsung Gulf partnered with FRAME, a brand promoting local youth culture, to curate an innovative range of Galaxy Z Flip4 accessories.

All items are inspired by the UAE’s local heritage and culture while advancing the region’s sustainability goals.

The creations were launched at a cultural event at Al Shindaga Museum in collaboration with Dubai Culture on July 4, followed by the official launch on July 5.

Fadi Abu Shamat, head of MX Division, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said,

“Samsung has a rich history of promoting art and culture worldwide. Our partnership with FRAME and Middle East creators forms a unique opportunity to showcase the advanced design and technical capabilities of the Galaxy Z Flip4, our support for the region’s creative and cultural community and our commitment to sustainable living.

“With this collaboration, we are excited for consumers to enjoy the limited-edition bundle pack, the Galaxy Z Flip4 x Frame edition, and have access to truly world-class designs and technology.”

Highlights of the Galaxy Z Flip4 UAE-themed accessories

Each phone cover – in this uniquely curated accessory line-up created by local artists – will have a distinct colour that represents UAE’s natural elements such as the Masfout rocks, majestic sand dunes, seashells, the Arabian Onyx, and Dibba rock, to name a few.

DateForm is a UAE-based material innovation startup producing solid surface materials from date seeds, a by-product of the sizable date farming industry. Its designers created a Galaxy Z Flip4 phone case from seeds discarded from making jujube desserts at a date factory.

House of Artisans, an initiative of the Department of Culture & Tourism Abu Dhabi to promote UAE’s heritage, created a pouch and strap incorporating the timeless art of Al-Sadu interpreted for the modern era.

Al-Sadu is a traditional weaving technique deeply rooted in Bedouin culture that reflects the ingenuity and resourcefulness of local communities.

Dubai-based Parisa teamed up with Al-Sadu to create a Galaxy Z Flip4 pouch made of upcycled discarded clothing adorned with locally produced pearl buttons to graft local heritage with contemporary culture.

Meanwhile, Sharjah-based artist Nasir Nasrallah designed a dyed t-shirt inspired by the date palm trees in the UAE.

The packaging box for this special edition bundle pack is made from 100 per cent recycled material from a design inspired by local traditional fishing nets and produced locally.

Samsung is offering the exclusive Galaxy Z Flip4 X Frame Edition bundle pack until the end of July, inclusive of two phone cases, one phone pouch bag and one shirt with the purchase of the Galaxy Z Flip4 only on its website.

News Source: Gulf Business

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