Dubai Culture launches 2nd edition of 'School of Life' project

Dubai Culture launches 2nd edition of 'School of Life' project

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) launched the second season of its 'School of Life' project that will run from July 2023 to March 2024, offering the public a series of interactive activities and workshops at various Dubai Public Library branches.

The initiative aims to build cultural, creative, and life skills. It reflects Dubai Culture's commitment to fostering a dynamic cultural and educational environment, promoting positive thinking, developing life skills, and nurturing creative talent.

The project’s second phase, whose themes will differ monthly, begins in July 2023 with an exciting lineup of interactive workshops under the theme ‘Building Bridges’. One highlight is the ‘Artful Connections’ creative drawing workshop, designed to enhance family bonds and teamwork. Participants can express themselves, explore collaboration through drawing, and learn techniques, colour theories, and other artistic skills. Together, they will create a unique painting that expresses their shared sentiment towards society.

The programme also includes a family fun day workshop entitled ‘Game On’ that promotes teamwork and cooperation in problem-solving for families by applying engaging games and challenges.

Through a series of interactive exercises, ‘School of Life’ illuminates reading with the discussions of the Reading Club and engage in new experiences that help them discover different types of literature.

Unlocking the Poetic Voice: A Journey into Writing Poetry’ is an immersive workshop that guides participants on a transformative exploration, enabling them to uncover their distinct poetic expression.

Through interactive activities, guided discussions, and writing exercises, attendees will delve into the beauty and power of poetry. This workshop, suitable for adults of all writing levels, aims to foster creativity, deepen poetic understanding, and inspire individuals to express their thoughts and emotions through the written word.

Another captivating session is ‘Robot Sensors and Perception’, which delves into the world of robotics and the role of sensors in enabling machines to perceive their environment. Participants will learn about various types of technology, including proximity sensors, vision systems, and inertial measurement units. This workshop offers valuable insights into how robots use sensor data to make decisions and navigate their surroundings.

Additionally, the Creative Writing for Beginners workshop invites participants to explore the art of creative writing. Through exercises and enlightening discussions, attendees will learn how to develop compelling story ideas, create well-rounded characters, and construct immersive settings. This session also covers essential elements of narrative structure, dialogue, and descriptive writing, equipping participants with the necessary tools to embark on their own creative writing journey.

The educational sessions of the ‘School of Life’, which are presented in both Arabic and English and are held under the supervision of a group of speakers, experts and people with distinguished experiences, reflect the keenness of Dubai Culture to provide an innovative and creative environment in Dubai Public Libraries, in order to achieve Dubai's vision aimed at cementing its position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.

The activities of the second phase of the School of Life project will run from July 2023 to March 2024, through which the Authority aims to build and develop the public's cultural, creative and life competencies, enrich their knowledge, and enable them to explore Dubai's creative scene. This contributes to creating a sustainable creative ecosystem that supports talent and stimulates community participation in the cultural and artistic sector. All sessions will be available to Dubai Public Library members of all ages free of charge, and registration can be made through the Authority’s website ( or its official social media accounts.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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