UAE Residents Won't Be Allowed to Share Netflix Passwords

UAE Residents Won't Be Allowed to Share Netflix Passwords

The streaming company's limitations on sharing passwords were previously enforced in over 100 nations.

As of today, UAE residents are no longer permitted to share Netflix passwords beyond their household premises, according to information acquired by Khaleej Times.

Netflix's crackdown on password-sharing has been officially extended to the UAE, as confirmed by a customer service representative to KT. The new restriction means that only members residing in the same household are allowed to share passwords and access the same Netflix account; sharing with individuals in neighboring houses, for instance, is no longer allowed.

When asked about the detection and enforcement process for password-sharing, the representative explained that Netflix keeps track of WiFi networks and IP addresses associated with devices on their platform.

Starting today, Netflix has also terminated password-sharing in India. To enforce this policy, the company is sending emails to customers who were found to be sharing their accounts with individuals not belonging to their households. Prior to this, the limitations on password-sharing were already in effect in over 100 countries, including major markets like the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil, as reported by the Mashable website.

Additionally, according to the Mashable website, Netflix now permits paying subscribers to add an extra member from outside their household, though this comes with an additional monthly cost. The process has been streamlined to allow members to transfer a person's profile while retaining viewing history and personalized recommendations.

In May, Netflix announced its plan to crack down on unauthorized password sharing, targeting its largest market, the United States, with the aim of increasing revenue from customers who share their login credentials with friends and family outside their own households, as reported by Variety.

In an email to its U.S. customers, Netflix stated,

"Your Netflix account is intended for you and the people living in your household."

News Source: Khaleej Times

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