Nurturing talent and diversity: Popular Associations in Dubai

Nurturing talent and diversity: Popular Associations in Dubai

Dubai's multicultural community is a vibrant tapestry woven from people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. The city has been attracting people worldwide with its inclusive policies, economic opportunities, and world-class infrastructure. The exchange of ideas, skills, and perspectives strengthens Dubai's standing as a hub for innovation, trade, and cultural interaction.

With diverse cultures come diverse talents and interests. This has led to the formation of many associations in the city. These associations in Dubai act as a bridge between various ethnicities bonded by a shared interest.

Here are some of the popular associations in Dubai.

Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association

The Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association (MEADFA) is one of the leading duty-free associations in the world. Established in 2001, this duty-free association in Dubai gained official recognition in the global duty-free and travel retail business. It was founded by nine well-known Middle Eastern travel retail firms, and it now has 63 members. Located in the Dubai Airport Free Zone, it operates as a non-profit entity with the primary objective of fostering unity within the regional duty-free industry. The association aims to promote positive relationships between retailers and brand suppliers. Its mission involves highlighting the significance of the duty-free sector in the travel and tourism landscape, representing member companies, and organizing informative events. Visit their website to learn more.

Contact:, +97142996663

Middle East Gases Association

Middle East Gases Association is a group of leading gas companies in the region. Headquartered in Dubai, they aim at raising ‘the standard of safety and environmental care across this region in the use and handling of Industrial Gases’. This non-profit organization fosters an environment where technical information on handling and using industrial, specialty, medicinal, and food gases safely are shared among its members. They also bring together locally and internationally active businesses in the Middle East with the goal of raising the bar for environmental protection and safety. Check out their website to learn more about their mission.

Contact: +97145163030

The Cultural and Scientific Association

The Cultural and Scientific Association (NADWA) was founded in 1987 to promote science and culture in the region. The goal of this association is to make culture and science better in the UAE. It highlights the cultural side of the country and also looks towards the future while remembering the past. It aims to nurture skills and competencies in all areas, including cultural, literary, and scientific ones. It also supports and activates the cultural movement and contributes to the process of developing and raising its standards. Some of the popular initiatives of the association are the Rashid Award for Academic Excellence, the Alowais Award for Creativity, the Emirates Science Club, and the Arabic Poetry Award. Know more about their activities on their website.

Contact:, +97142017777

Middle East Investor Relations Association

Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA) is a non-profit organization in Dubai that is dedicated to advancing the field of Investor Relations (IR). The core mission of MEIRA is to elevate the stature, efficiency, and appeal of the capital markets in the Middle East. To achieve this goal, the organization encourages more communication among its members and drives the IR community to adopt international best practices in the field of IR. MEIRA provides support to businesses through comprehensive professional development initiatives, certification programs, an active membership community, and a vast network of country-based chapters. Visit their website to learn more.

Contact:, +97145163042

Emirates Planning Association

The Emirates Planning Association (EPA) is the only officially recognized professional organization in the UAE that is dedicated to the field of urban planning and design. Established in 2020, aims to comprehensively elevate the standards of the planning profession. EPA has been entrusted with several critical responsibilities that include its pivotal role in enhancing the training and professional growth of planning practitioners in the UAE. EPA also is responsible for promoting scientific and applied research related to the field. Learn more about their endeavors on their website.

Contact:, +971504314331

Dubai Charity Association

The Dubai Charity Association (DCA) is a non-profit organization operating in the United Arab Emirates and nearby regions. DCA is involved in a number of charity endeavors, such as the building and furnishing of mosques, aiding pilgrims, providing immediate relief, and programs that help individuals in need of food and clothing. The organization also helps orphaned children and gives school supplies to youngsters from low-income families. Their vision is to be a leader in the delivery of humanitarian services and to offer the best response to both the needs of those in need and the wishes of donors. Visit their website to learn more about their activities.

Contact:, 80094

Emirates Diving Association

The Emirates Diving Association (EDA) is a non-profit organization composed of a small group of volunteers united by their passion for the sea. Their mission is to safeguard, shield, and rehabilitate the marine resources in the UAE. They place a strong emphasis on the underwater environment and environmental diving. The responsibilities of the EDA include ensuring that all EDA members follow environmentally responsible diving practices, supporting the diving industry within the UAE by bringing together the efforts of the diving community, promoting safety in both commercial and recreational diving by establishing standardized practices, conserving the historical aspects of diving in the Gulf region, and enhancing environmental education among both divers and non-divers through various projects and events. They also provide professional scuba diving training at their center. Visit their website to learn more.

Contact:, +97143939390

Direct Selling Association

Direct Selling Association (DSA) is a non-profit association dedicated to the direct selling and network marketing industry. Founded in 2007, DSA has played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between direct selling and network marketing companies and consumers in the UAE. The association has actively engaged with the UAE government, established educational programs, and conducted seminars and workshops to promote ethical standards and educate practitioners in the industry. It is dedicated to supporting and safeguarding the dynamic community of direct sellers and network marketers in the UAE, along with consumers. Some of their objectives are raising awareness about the industry, identifying and representing reputable local and international direct-selling companies, and facilitating the country's utilization of industry opportunities in trade and tourism. Learn more on their official website.

Contact:, +97145163055

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