Union Coop announces special Eid Al Adha discount

Union Coop announces special  Eid Al Adha discount

Union Coop announced the launch of a campaign dedicated to Eid Al Adha with a discount of more than 60 per cent on more than 1,000 basic food, non-food and consumer goods, as part of its goals and its keenness to launch community initiatives aimed at making consumers happy, meeting their wishes and providing them with high-quality products at competitive prices, in addition to supporting and serving all social groups of all segments, in line with the state's socio-economic objectives.

Dr Suhail Al Bastaki, director of happiness and marketing department at Union Coop, said:

"The new discount offers for Eid Al Adha were launched on July 5 and will continue until July 16. This includes discounts of more than 60 per cent on more than 1,000 food and non-food commodities in all the cooperative branches spread across Dubai and on its e-commerce platform and smart online store (App), in addition to the facility of delivery for all orders that will be placed through the smart online store during the blessed Eid Al Adha.”

Moreover, he indicated that the offers include basic food and consumer goods, most notably rice, meat, poultry, canned food, vegetables, fruits and other products, pointing out that the promotional campaigns take into account the cultural and population diversity of the country, to meet the needs of all communities.

He pointed out that the cooperative will launch special offers for the occasion, a food basket at competitive prices, including the basket of fruits that the cooperative provides on every Eid or national occasions for consumers, in addition to discounts on meat that it will provide to consumers to meet their increasing demands during Eid Al Adha. He stressed that the cooperative maintains contracts with suppliers, approved agents and approved dealers for products within strict conditions and procedures, pointing out that the health certificates of products are checked daily, in addition to certificates of origin, customs and regulatory authorities in the country or abroad.

He also indicated that the cooperative has made ordering options available for all promotional offers through the smart online store as part of its policy to delight consumers, as the online store contains unique services and features that improve the shopper experience, pointing out that cooperative provides ‘express delivery’ and ‘click and collect’ services from its branches, bulk purchases and offers, and others feature that facilitates the online shopping process.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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