WhatsApp introduces the "Keep in Chat" feature

WhatsApp introduces the "Keep in Chat" feature

With the introduction of Disappearing Messages, conversations no longer have to be saved forever, just like in-person discussions. The extra layer of privacy protects messages from falling into the wrong hands, but sometimes, there may be a voice note or important information that needs to be saved.

WhatsApp has now introduced "Keep in Chat" to allow users to retain important texts for later use, with a special feature for the sender. WhatsApp believes that the sender should have the choice of whether or not others in the chat can keep their message for later.

When someone decides to keep a message, the sender will be notified, and they will have the power to veto the decision. If the sender decides that the message cannot be kept by others, the decision is final, and the message will be deleted when the timer expires. In this way, the sender has the final say on how their messages are protected.

Saved messages on WhatsApp will be marked with a bookmark icon and can be found in the Kept Messages folder, organized by chat. WhatsApp hopes that users will appreciate this new feature and the flexibility to keep the messages they need. The update will roll out globally over the next few weeks.

News Source: WhatsApp Blog

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