New marketing tools make advertisements easier, effective

New marketing tools make advertisements easier, effective

We may still use traditional means to advertise, the use of instant advertisements on social media on all sorts of platforms has just changed the game.

Marketing tools are the element to the success of every business, proven from 20 years ago, present and how about in the next ten years?

Marketing tools were popular and usefully applied by businesses several years and decades ago through magazines, newspapers, banners, radios, and Television.

Today, people still use the advertising tools that were used 20 years ago but now it has become advanced and there are many different tools of marketing, such as marketing through social media like Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook and YouTube, among others. In all these apps you can find random pop-up ads and digital banners on websites. During the widespread use of these platforms, the phenomenon of bloggers has spread as well, which made the advertisement process much easier and effective.

As we move forward into the future and are constantly introduced to new technologies. Many companies are coming forth to take from these assets and give their institution a boost and introducing technology to all their sectors, these new trends in technologies are as follow:

•Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots:

As per Chatbots Life, 85 percent of customer experiences are expected to be taken care of without a human agent. Chatbots have a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

•Virtual Reality (VR):

By giving your customers a chance to imagine how the product will look before they buy it is the "try before you buy".

•Voice search:

Analysts expect that voice search would have a major impact on digital marketing. That is why companies need to study now, and not later, how their digital marketing strategy can affect voice search.


Blockchain will make data-driven marketing more transparent by validating and analysing every consumer's journey through validated advertisement distribution, ensuring that the actual individual saw the ad as per the details of the media contract.

You can use these new trends to market your products or services easily on social media. Since Facebook has more than one billion active users, so it becomes an attractive platform for business owners to advertise there. As well Instagram has over a million users and it is the most used platform in the Gulf region.

And do not forget the world-famous platform, YouTube which has more users than Instagram and Facebook. On YouTube, there are more than two billion users. When people are looking for entertainment and information as well, YouTube is the ideal platform because you can find everything easily. Last statistics in February 2021, show that TikTok now is available in over 150 countries, and it has over 1 billion users. As an opinion, TikTok is on its way to having more active users.

These are simple ways to advertise your business. Even though we may still use traditional means to advertise, the use of instant advertisements on social media on all sorts of platforms has just changed the game.

Shaima Abdullah and Aisha Al Hosani are graduate students at the American University in the Emirates. Views expressed are their own and do not reflect the newspaper's policy.

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