The Palm Fountain - A complete Guide to The Pointe Fountain

The Palm Fountain - A complete Guide to The Pointe Fountain

Dubai has never failed to bring new wonders to the region. One of the latest additions to the list is The Palm Fountain in Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island designed in the form of a palm tree and is home to many luxurious hotels and restaurants. It is also one of the popular spots for a staycation in Dubai.

Even though there is a popular water fountain in Dubai, The Palm Fountain does not fail to attract people with its unique features.

Here is all you need to know about The Palm Fountain.

The Palm Fountain

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The Palm Fountain opened to the public in October 2020 and has been attracting lots of tourists to the place. The opening ceremony was grand enough to accommodate 20 choreographed songs belonging to pop, cultural, local, and international music. The spot is well-known for having a chill and relaxing evening.

The Palm Fountain could be seen as a celebration of Dubai’s creativity and ambition. Dubai’s creativity has been applauded by people around the world multiple times. Be it for the Museum of The Future, or Bluewaters Island, Dubai tries to bring uniqueness to everything it does.

The Palm Fountain spans 14,000 sq. ft. of water across the ocean and is the venue for the dancing water fountain show. The water sways according to the music played by world-renowned artists and local artists of the region.

The Palm Fountain takes the breath of its viewers with its 105-meter water jet shoots. It also has received Guinness World Record for the largest dancing fountain in the world pushing Dubai Fountain to second place. It is also the only multi-colored fountain in the region.

Over 3000 LED lights are used to light up the place into a magical show. The visual treat offered at The Palm Jumeirah Fountain cannot match with any other fountains.

The audio system consists of 86 speakers which can provide high-quality music for the viewers to enjoy. The entire performance of the dancing fountain is backed by this revved-up audio system.

The creators of The Palm Fountain have also kept sustainability in mind.  The fountain has been designed in a manner that it uses water directly from the ocean for circulating through it instead of having storage or any filtration process. The water dance is put up utilizing energy-saving technology to minimize loss of energy during the show.

The fountain looks like a mirror image when looked at from the other side of The Pointe. The dancing fountain is symmetrically divided into two with a promenade that passes through the middle.

What to experience at The Palm Fountain

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You are open to water fountain shows daily. And the best part about this is that you can watch them for free! The show schedule starts in the evening and ends at midnight. The show repeats every 30 minutes with a duration of 3 minutes each.

The water jet shoots the water up the unit 105 meters high. You can see the night sky adorned with water droplets of various colors swaying to the music played in the background. This mesmerizing show is capable of taking you to a fantasy world in three minutes. The multi-colored lights illuminate the waterfront of The Pointe during the night.

Some of the popular music to which the water fountain is choreographed are I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston, ‘Lm3allem’ by Saad Lamjarred, and the ever-so-popular Game of Thrones theme song. Every piece of music very well complements the show and makes it spectacular enough for the visitors that they will always cherish the moment in their memories.

You can also be a guest at any of the restaurants at The Pointe and watch the water fountain show. Some of the restaurants at The Pointe face the waterfront to give you the perfect view of the show with the Atlantis hotel in the backdrop.

The Palm Fountain show timing

The Palm Fountain shows happen multiple times daily. 20 different shows are put up for visitors throughout the week. This helps the visitor to witness different water dances on the same day.

The show starts at 7 pm and ends at 11:30 pm on Thursdays and Fridays. The shows on Saturdays to Wednesdays begin at 7 pm and end at 10:30 pm.

The water dance shows have a duration of 3 minutes with 30 minutes intervals between each show. During summer, it is best to visit during the sunset hours to be able to see the beautiful sunset behind the Atlantis hotel on the opposite coast.

How to reach The Palm Fountain

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The fountain is easily accessible for the residents of the villas in Palm Jumeirah. The villas in Palm Jumeirah face the water fountain and thereby giving the residents a unique experience of enjoying the dancing shows at all times.

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You can reach The Palm Fountain by private transport. The road signs indicate the track you have to keep to reach The Pointe. There are lots of parking spaces available at The Pointe. These parking spaces are free for a limited period after which you will have to pay for the parking.

The Pointe is also easily accessible by taxis. If you wish to take a taxi to The Palm Fountain, you can do so as there are specific pick-up and drop-off points in the place.

If you wish for a cheap and unique experience of getting here, you can use the Palm monorail. The Palm monorail runs through the center of Palm Jumeirah.

You can take the metro red line and get down at Sobha Realty metro station or DMCC metro station to connect to the Dubai tram. Take the tram and get down at Palm Gateway to access the Palm monorail. The Palm monorail will take you directly to The Pointe from where the Palm Fountain is just within walkable distance. This is a cheaper option as it would cost you only AED30 for a round trip on the monorail.

This monorail trip from the Palm Gateway is also a very beautiful experience as it gives you a wonderful view of the palm from a height. You can see the Atlantis hotel, and the branches of the palm all at once.

You can catch the Palm monorail every 15 minutes and is operational from 9 am. The last trip from the monorail is at 9:45 pm and the last trip to the Palm monorail is at 10 pm.

You can also opt for a shuttle bus service from the Nakheel Mall station to reach The Palm Fountain.

Places to visit near The Palm Fountain

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One of the biggest advantages of The Palm Fountain is that it is located in the iconic Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah is quite popular for its unique architecture. While visiting The Palm Fountain, you can also visit the nearby attractions at Palm Jumeirah.

The Pointe is home to the fountain along with many other places where you can spend your evening at. You can visit The Yellow Boats to enjoy the beauty of Palm Jumeirah. The boat cruise takes you around the palm to see the best of Dubai. You can take your kids to Cheeky Monkeys, an award-winning kids’ play area to explore adventurous rides. Reel Cinema at The Pointe offers a dine-in cinema experience to up your weekend game.

The Pointe offers you various fine dining options to choose from. You could choose from local to international cuisines at these places. There are multiple shopping outlets from where you can shop till you drop. You can also choose to simply sit by the beach to enjoy the sunset. There is a beach library installed on The Pointe beach which you can make use of.

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