Unique foods you MUST try in Global Village

Unique foods you MUST try in Global Village

Dubai is a city that is filled with a diverse range of culinary options and experiences. From street food classics, delicious gourmet dishes to unique and upbeat dishes that will blow your minds, you’ll find it all here. When talking about unique foods in Dubai, Global Village is the first place that comes to mind. It is known for being a hub to delicious and unique street foods from all over the world, allowing you to travel the world through its food!

Since, the 27th season of Global Village is currently going on, Foodies of Dubai are spoiled for choice. So, here’s a list of unique foods you must try in Global Village.

1. Red Standing Noodles – Seven

These red and crispy noodles are the most unique noodles in Global Village and whole of Dubai. It is a true hidden gem at this year’s season. It serves the most delicious and insane noodles, burgers, pasta and even Sambosa. The crispy noodles are clearly the showstopper, it is a creamy spaghetti dish with crispy noodles and pink sauce that tastes as delicious as it looks. They also have chicken & beef burgers topped with curly fries and pasta served in potato sacks, both of which have become a favorite of foodies too. It is a MUIST VIST spot in Dubai!

Location: Near VIP gate, Global Village

Price: AED 35 (red noodles)

2. Miracle French Toast - Big Bang

This delectable French toast stuffed with strawberry filling and topped with custard and pistachios has gone viral on Instagram. It's immersive, looks great on your feed, and tastes even better. The French toast is brûléed and filled with Nutella goodness, and it is served with ice cream on the side. This season, it is a viral dessert spot that has won many hearts. Their Saffron miracle French Toast is the best flavor. They also have Saffron Umm Ali & Sticky Date pudding. YOU CANNOT MISS this dessert!

Location: VIP Gate, Global Village

Price: AED 35

3. Croissant Sando – CR Sando

Another food that is viral in Dubai. This food joint in Dubai serves your burger in a unique croissant! The croissant looks like the viral NYC croissant, with the addition of classic burger fillings like lettuce, crispy fried chicken, tomatoes, cheese, and their secret and delicious sauce. Pair this unique burger with their loaded fries with extra jalapenos and make your meal hearty and complete. Along with chicken croissant Sando, they also have a Shrimp croissant option for seafood lovers. This delicious and Instrgammable sando is perfect for your food cravings and your Instagram feeds. Try this delicious burger now!

Location: Happiness Street, Global Village

Price: AED 35

4. Robotic ice-cream – IceAlice

We all love ice cream but, have you ever had ice cream that is served by a robot?! Well, you can do that now at Global Village this year! IceAlice is a robotic ice-cream spot that serves you delicious ice cream in 3 flavors – Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. The robot is named Alice and besides serving you, it can also talk to you and answer your questions. Now that’s a unique experience! The robot reacts to instructions made by you via voice and gestures leaving you gawking in awe. The ice cream may not taste out of the world but a robot serving you ice cream is what makes your experience unique and memorable.

Location: Near kids theater, Global village

Price: AED 25

5. 3Aballii

Everything at this cheesy joint comes with chips! 3Aballii has mastered the crisp-coated food phenomenon. Looking for pasta topped with your favorite Chips Oman, Cheetos, or Stix? You’ll find it here. Also, on the menu are loaded fries topped with flaming hot Cheetos. Their most famous dishes are – Crazy Chicken Cone, Steak Sandwich, Cheetos pasta in Cheetos bag, cheesy pastas with Stix and Oman chips. If you love cheese and chips then this is the spot for you! Each of their dishes look so delicious and mouthwatering that you won’t help yourself from trying everything on the menu!

Location: Culture Gate & VIP Gate, Global Village

Price: AED 30

6. Cheesecake Tower – Lamba

This is the Tallest cheesecake tower in Dubai!  This unique dessert spot has delicious and yummy desserts that will make your mouth water as soon as you see it. Their Lamba Cheesecake Tower is the ultimate Instagram dessert. It has it all: a crispy large croissant with cheesecake on the inside and melted Kinder chocolate sauce drizzled on top, served with ice cream. It is ideal for sharing and well worth the price. Other desserts on their menu include – Misu Milk Cake, Popping Rocher bites, Baka de Lamba, Pacari Chocolate cake and Lamba Caramel toast and peanuts and cheese cannoli. They also have other delicious all-day breakfast dishes and coffees. This is the perfect dish to eat while roaming the world!

Location: Railway Market, Global Village

Price: AED 39

7. Noodles & Fries Combo – NODO

Noodles and fries are a favorite of many. Now if you mix these two delicious snacks together you get one yummy serving of noodles and fries. THE PERFECT COMBO! This unique food joint in Dubai serves you delicious, yummy and juicy noodles with crispy fries. They have noodles in all kinds of flavors and with different toppings like chicken, shrimp and more. You can even make it spicier for an extra kick. If you are someone who loves noodles and fries, you MUST VISIT this unique joint in Dubai!

Location: In front of Japan Pavilion, Global Village

Price: AED 32

8. Ice cream fries – Hoka

We’ve all heard of the salty and crispy French fry dipped in yummy and soft serve ice cream. But now you can taste these yummy snacks in one dish! Hoka is a unique food joint in Dubai that combines your favorite fries with delicious ice cream. Their motto is ‘life’s better with fries’ and we couldn’t agree more! The ice cream fries are served with hot and crispy fries on a cup topped with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with chili flakes. So, you get the perfect balance of salty, sweet, and spicy. Besides the ice-cream fries, they also have other fries topped with cheese and various sauces. Ice-cream and fries lovers need to try this before the season ends!

Location: near Iran Pavillion, Global Village

Price: AED 25

9. Rainbow Burgers & Taco Ice-cream – Choices by MT

Choices by MT is easy to spot thanks to its multicolored burger posters that adorn the site. The restaurant is known for its rainbow-colored cuisine, and is currently only available in Global Village. The chicken and beef burgers are served in rainbow-colored buns that are so pretty you won't want to eat them. If you're in the mood for something sweet, try their unique Taco Ice cream, which is not only a multicolored ice cream served in a curled waffle that's perfect for Instagram, but it also incorporates famous regional flavors like pistachio, rose water, and saffron. Choices by MT has long been a favorite of Dubai's foodies, and for good reason. Try out this Instagrammable street food to fulfil your food cravings.

Location: Same Lane as Turkish Kokorec & Seafood restaurant

Price: AED 32 (Chicken burger) AED 35 (Beef Burger) AED 20 (Taco Ice cream)

10. Cheese Wheel Pasta – Wheel 35

Who says you need to go to high end fine dining restaurants to taste the magical taste of cheese wheel mixed dishes? Wheel 35 brings you this cheesy goodness in Global Village.  Besides various kinds of delicious pastas, you can also find cheesy garlic breads, yummy pizzas and a variety of drinks and smoothies. Taste the real taste of Italy in each bite! They also have a Create your own pasta where your choice of pasta is specially cooked in grana Padano with your choice of sauce and add ons. Must try dishes from the menu include – Chicken Trufflemania, Pizza Al Tonno, Pinky chicken, Aglia E Olio, Milanese Chicken and more. A delicious, cheesy, and yummy meal you must try!

Location: Kiosks Street, Global Village

Price: starts from AED 35

11. Biggest slice of pizza - Super Slice Pizza


the margherita flavor hit different 👌🏼 #manalmuffin #globalvillage #mydubai #tiktokdubai

♬ Hit It - Yung Skrrt

Pizza Lovers gather around because this might be the biggest slice of pizza you’ll find in Global Village! Super Slice Pizza is a street food vendor that serves delicious and humongous slices of pizza. While there are only two flavors to choose from: Margherita and Pepperoni, they are cheesy, delicious, and HUGE! These monster-sized slices may require some assistance to eat, but thankfully they are cut into bite-size pieces. You must visit this cheesy haven!

Location: Food Street, near the Africa Pavilion

Price: AED 38

12. Pink Pasta in a doughnut – Circle it

By now you’re familiar with the Chips Oman and pink sauce pasta combination. Circle It, gives this combo a unique twist, serving you a pink sauce pasta with a doughnut. Yes, that is a real thing and not something we made up. They have various options – Spicy Chicken Mushroom, Classic Mac and Cheese, Truffle Pasta, Habanero with Cajun Chicken and more. Do try it on your visit there.

Location: SME4, Culture Gate, Global Village

Price: AED 35 onwards

13. Crepe Brûlée cone – Little Sugar

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth craving, head over to Little Sugar. Their desserts are out of this world and will have your cravings sorted in no time. Make sure you try the Crepe Brûlée ice cream cone that is a crepe filled with custard and fresh fruits and is bruleed on top. Another unique and must try dish is their own version of New York’s viral croissant – The Pistachio London Eye that is filled with Pistachio sauce and topped with sauce and pistachio shavings. It is served with a cup of yummy chocolate covered soft serve. They also have various other unique, delicious, and mouthwatering desserts. You’ll be craving for more when you’re done!

Location: Culture Gate, Global Village

Price: AED 35(Croissant) AED 25 (Crème Brûlée Crepe cone)

14. Mashed Potato Bowl – Potato Bowl

Mashed Potato lovers this one’s for you! This unique food joint in Dubai serves a delicious serving of yummy and soft mashed potatoes with wagyu that is served on a coconut which makes the dish very unique and Instragrmamable. A must try for sure!

Location: Fiesta Street, Global Village

Price: AED 36

15. Loaded Sandos – Chiki

This is another popular, unique, and Instagrammable food at this year’s Global village. Chiki is a popular food joint that serves the delicious – Loaded Sandos which is a chicken Breast fillet sandwich that is crunchy inside out with golden fried chicken, grilled brioche and loaded with cheese and sauces. Pair it with the messy Chiki Fries for the perfect meal. It tastes as perfect as it looks! The Sandos is made with cute and small sized brioche buns which make the sandos look really cute and gram worthy. Definitely worth the try!

Location: Fiesta Street, Global Village

Price: AED 35

Global Village Location & Timings:

Global Village is located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

Timings are as follows -

Thursday - Saturday :  04:00 pm - 01:00 am

Sunday - Wednesday: 04:00 pm - 12:00 am

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